Short Story

Smart Car 32

Some Enchanted Evening

Carl pulled over beside a car in the parking lot and said “Wow. Look at that Maserati”.
Duke replied “I thought that you were a one car guy. Aren’t you crazy about Josie?”
“Sure, but a car can look can’t he? You’re in love with Sheila, but you stare at good looking women.”
“That’s fair, but I didn’t know that it worked with cars as well as people.”
“Think about it Duke, humans gave AI to cars, shouldn’t we act like you?”
“Guess you are right. I’ll pick up the groceries, and we can get back to our better halves.”

Sheila discusses dinner plans with Josie. “Duke and Carl should be home from grocery shopping soon. I should probably cook something tonight.”
“Sounds good. Carl and I have plans to go to the car singing festival. Would you like to go as well? I’m sure the other cars would like to hear your group Whimsy.”
“You think they would enjoy our chants and instrumentals? Sounds like fun to me. We can see if Duke wants to come along. You know how bad his singing is, but he could lip sync, or just bang on Carl’s side. At least he’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.”
“What is Deuce doing this evening Josie?”

“You didn’t know that he left for Seattle this morning? He talked to our billionaire friend Eugene Springfield and they agreed that he could try some new stunts. Eugene built some new equipment and now they can practice loop de loop and stunts like in those last century Bond films. Those two are so tight. I know how close you and I are and Duke and Carl, but sometimes I think Deuce and Eugene are the closest car and human duo. They enjoy each other’s company so much.”
“I don’t mean to interrupt you, but I see Duke and Carl coming in. I want to see what they brought for dinner.”
After Duke brings in a huge cardboard box, Sheila peeks into it. “Great Duke, thirty bags of cheddar, onion, garlic, pickle, and peanut butter potato chips – it’s a lifetime supply. I’ll send out for pizza.