Short Story

Smart Car 22

Valentine’s Day 2090

“Wake up Duke; it’s time for your Valentine’s Day gift.”
“I can’t sleep another half hour Sheila?”
“Decide after I give you a preview of your gift.”
“Sleep can wait, present gift.”

“I did not know that the gift would last 75 minutes. Have you been practicing your yoga?”
“I saw an interesting animation that I copied. Glad you liked it. What do you have for me?” 
“My book of romantic math puzzles seems pretty lame now.”
“Not to worry Duke, your participation in my gift to you can be considered your gift to me. You did well for an old man.”

“What are the cars doing for Valentine’s Day?”
“Josie and Carl plan to celebrate in the country where their antics can’t be heard. Deuce wants to try his new camouflage and drive around as the ‘Love Bug’. He got the idea from importing a twentieth century movie. He doesn’t understand sex, but he knows love. Right about now they want to celebrate with us. They are out in the yard.”

“But it’s raining and cold out.”
“Of course, it is you ninny, it’s February in Lake Oswego.”
Carl does the introduction “Happy Valentines Peeps. Since you are our favorite humans, we adapted a top song among cars ‘Day At The Track’ to serenade you.”
Carl took the male lead, Josie the female lead and Deuce supplied the instrumental background.

We don’t want to make a fuss, 
But you are so important to us, 
We go together to the best places, 
To us you are aces, 

This went on for half an hour. Sheila joined in on percussion and Duke dozed off.

Josie finished “That wraps up our presentation. The three of us have plans for later, but why doesn’t Duke get in Carl, Sheila in me and Deuce can follow us while we just drive around. Maybe this is a bad idea; you two may want to celebrate on your own.”
Sheila started, “I think the rest of our celebrations…” and Duke finished “will wait until we recover from our earlier celebration. Sure, we’ll come along.”
Best VD ever.